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Pretty Peanut The Great

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"Hugs, Not Drugs"

Lily & My Fabulous Quotes:

"You raging lesbian!"
"SPOON! FORK! KNIFE! Bottle Opener..."
"I think we need...some condoms..."
"What are you doing? Fingering my butt?
"Ah shit I broke the toaster"
"Im gonna pee in your mouth"
"There is somebody under my bed...FARTING!"
"Let me say something funny real quick"
"Ok girls lets get fun FUN! STUPID! SPONTANEOUS!"
"Bitch, oh, not you, my tissue"
"You smell overly snitary today"
"I want...some cheese"
"Whats that thing in my ass?"
Marshall: "What are you guys doing in here? It smells of hippies and ass."
Marshall: "Lets go christmas caroling. Casca bells, casca bells..."

Lily: "Hey maro!"
Old lady: "OOO hey! How are you"
Lily: "............."
Old lady: "Hello?......Hello??"
Lily: ".........."

Omg that was funny lil!

I love my Chachula!

Chachcula you are awesome!


^Troy's sex call^

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