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Things That Piss Me Off
Pretty Peanut The Great

There are a few things...that just really piss me off!

Mini Skirts
Girls who wear too much make up.
Girls who care too much about what they look like.
People who don't care about anyone but themselves (AKA most girls a@ my school)
Girls who gossip.
Girls who cant keep their mouths shut.
Girls who only talk about themselves.
Guys who say they love you on your first date.
Dirt under the fingernails! FUCK NO. NO DIRT
Wrinkles in my bra...
Nasty gum.
When I need something...and I just can't have it, no matter what.
When people lie. Especially when guys lie.
When I have to wiz, but I am too lazy to get up.
When I am hungry.
When I have hangovers.
When there is NOTHING to eat in the whole god damn house.
When there is no Dnl...
Stupid catch lines.
Wasking up early.
Too many compliments...
When I eat too much, and feel sick afterwards.
When it is that magical time of the month...
When guys cheat on me.
When Im sick.
When there is no gum.
When it is sooo hot, but I cant take off anymore of my clothes...
When guys get jealous WAY TOO EASILY.
When phone lines are busy.
When I have way too much homework, but I am way to lazy to actually do it.
When guys rest their head on my shoulder.
When my parents won't let me get my belly button pierced.
When I forget things.
When guys try to show off, but look like complete idiots.
When people don't wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. YUCK!!
When I sit in a chair, that is still warm from the persons ass that was sitting in it before.
When I lose a homework assignment or something, and I search forever, and then finally when I redo it, like 5 minutes later I find it.
When I have to take a wiz, but my teacher won't let me.
When I brush my teeth, and then go eat food, and then I have to brush my teeth again.
When my legs fall asleep, and they hurt like bitch. Like they hurt so badly I can't fall asleep...
Parents in general...*Not pointing fingers at my mom or dad*
When I am so frusturated that it makes me want to cry
FEET-I think I hate feet because I am just holding a grudge because I hate my feet...
When I stain my clothes in the car on the way to seeing a friend, or school and then I have a big chocolate smudge on my pants or something, and it makes it look like I never wash my clothes...!!
Stains that dont come out.
Fly spray that doesnt work!
When people sign off line without saying goodbye.
When it says "*the sn* has entered text." online.
SAND- cause it gets everywhere!
When I want to watch a movie really badly, but I am soo tired that I cant keep my eyes open.
Scarey movies...they traumatize me..... Literally!!
When people talk shit behind my back, then LIE about it.
When I miss my favorite TV show
WHen there is a limit as to how many articles of clothing you can bring into the dressing room.

Its happy bunny!
Kiss my ass!

Gosh I dont hate everything...