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Cool Goosey Stuff. I love my Goosey Flower!
Pretty Peanut The Great

This page is mainly weird and random conversations that I have had *moslty with goose*!!! You wont understand some, But holy god it was funnY!

HenricksenT: kid toys r getting to advanced, their making it so kids dont need imaginations... its making them lazy

HurleyGurly246: and my cats breath smells like shit.... i need to get away from him

HurleyGurly246: when are u going to see crashing lights
HurleyGurly246: or whatever ur movie is called
HurleyGurly246: lol

HurleyGurly246: lisa wees ur better and u know it
HurleyGurly246: just represent our geese clan

HurleyGurly246: that makes him a big asss and a little goose dick
HurleyGurly246: that sounds really wrong
HurleyGurly246: lol

OK....yea this one is kinda weird...u need to be either lisa or mariel to understand the whole goose thing, you can probably guess who she is referring to in this one!

immdaboo89: ello mate
Shiba Flap: hola hombre
immdaboo89: um
immdaboo89: um? no i dont want a melted snikers bar...?

Yaitallaboutme34: "I'm gonna fuck Matt Lovato, and Tony Lovato....................... at the same time!! you know who else is on the list Benji and Joel, i'm gonna fuck them i swear to god!"
Yaitallaboutme34: omfg i figured it out!!
Yaitallaboutme34: Ok so since i'm gonna fuckin marry joel and benji, i can also have tony cause tony is like benjis fuck buddy *my theory* so hes a part of the relationship too!

- If u'd take a bullet for ur best friend put this in ur profile -

Auto response from HeEhAwA24: God created men first:-\, cause you always make a rough draft before a masterpiece:-*

Auto response from daLLasCOwbOYz101: If a cow laughed real hard, would milk come out of its nose?

immdaboo89: but
immdaboo89: but
immdaboo89: im a cyber loner

immdaboo89: Ive got ....
immdaboo89: a tiger and a monkey
immdaboo89: a dragon
immdaboo89: and a bear
immdaboo89: and a doggy
immdaboo89: and i used to have a turtle.. but it died
immdaboo89: i lost
immdaboo89: it
immdaboo89: sumwhere in my living room

HurleyGurly246: lol what a quinkie dink
HurleyGurly246: omg i just annoyed myself by saying that

thenerd631: so lisa, do u think love is something that we can control, do u think we as human beings can control who we love?

HurleyGurly246: kick steve’s asss
HurleyGurly246: we will beat him 2gther
HurleyGurly246: break all of his pencils until he cries!
HurleyGurly246: then we can yell in his face hahaha we won1
HurleyGurly246: great plan!

GreenKake1221: we are evil
HurleyGurly246: but its for a good cause its not evil.... actually its evil but for a very good reason
HurleyGurly246: lol
HurleyGurly246: whatever
HurleyGurly246: we are evil! yes yes

HurleyGurly246: cool beans lisa
GreenKake1221: cool beans!?!
HurleyGurly246: hhaha helll yes!

HurleyGurly246: we can share words anyday i dont mind if u borrow mine or ever keep some

il0veangela1666: lol i just gleeked all iver my leg
il0veangela1666: OMG I DID IT AGAIN!
il0veangela1666: i need a towel...

KKladychicka: yea duder

GreenKake1221:Im blond!
KKladychicka:hah I feel you.
GreenKake1221:Blond power! HELL YEAH!
KKladychick: heck yes

HenricksenT: School is a prison
HenricksenT: Your backpacks your chain
HenricksenT: The teachers are guards
HenricksenT: I'm going insane
HenricksenT: School is a prison
HenricksenT: Insane asylum
HenricksenT: As you sit there and wait
HenricksenT: Watching the pendulum
HenricksenT: This place is a prison
HenricksenT: Cant wait to get out
HenricksenT: They say that we need it
HenricksenT: But im starting to doubt
HenricksenT: School is a prison
HenricksenT: Your backpacks your chain
HenricksenT: The teachers are guards
HenricksenT: Im going INSANE

immdaboo89: i cna c u sittin in a rolly chair or sumthin and lik ehave the chocolates and like close it and start laughin ur ass off and like.. since ur all tipsy n' all c u fall off the rolyl chair an dlike still b laughin rollin on the floor

Next on the Martha Stewart show: How to liven up your jail cell... and later on we'll talk about this year's color - ORANGE. Stripes are making a comeback, too!

HurleyGurly246: c00l n9nhb
HurleyGurly246: my cat is sitting on mt ke
HurleyGurly246: eo}| -0
HurleyGurly246: GOD!
HurleyGurly246: my cat keeps fvvvvvvvvvvv
GreenKake1221: umm...goose i dont know that language quite yet...
HurleyGurly246: okay
HurleyGurly246: my cat keeps leaping onto my kepyboard!!!!
HurleyGurly246: dammit hes soo annyoing sorry

HurleyGurly246: goosh darnit now i have hair all over my key board because puffin decided he was going to go on strike and rebell against me for some reason he galivanted and leaped multiple times onto my keyboard!
HurleyGurly246: the fury fucker!

HurleyGurly246: us geese think alike

HurleyGurly246: okay im glad im not a lone goose
HurleyGurly246: im a goose with friends sooo that means were a geese
HurleyGurly246: geese at heart...... but we dont have feathers
HurleyGurly246: or maybe we do
HurleyGurly246: LOL!!! hahahaha lisa we really do have feathers tho
HurleyGurly246: seriosuly!!!!
HurleyGurly246: where are thou feathers?
HurleyGurly246: well our feathers are alll around our body except of course on our beaks and webbed feet

HurleyGurly246: homie goose!

HurleyGurly246: u know like the bad boys thing we ride together we role together bad boys (geeese) for life!!!:-)
HurleyGurly246: we fly together we flap together gooses for lyfe


GreenKake1221: *retarded*
GreenKake1221: haha
HurleyGurly246: NO NO NO! ur undermining the geese when u say ur retarded.... because NO goose can be retarded
HurleyGurly246: kapeesh?

HurleyGurly246: ARARA
HurleyGurly246: kick him where the sun dont shine! that will teach him to leave geese alone... and next time hes sees a goose he will be like "hell no home bro... the last goose i met i tried to grab her tail feathers and she kicked me in the nuts" and he will stay away.
HurleyGurly246: dont worry

HurleyGurly246: it sucks fucking arse rats nest twice over double lap the mother fucker... cock sucker pencil stealing SPANISH SUCKS UP A SEGUL 4 times across, 18 times over and Rarar BUSH SUCKS

HurleyGurly246: WELL NOT REALT
HurleyGurly246: MAYBE MORE OF A FREAK!!!!

HurleyGurly246: rara
HurleyGurly246: lol
GreenKake1221: hahah
GreenKake1221: rara?
HurleyGurly246: i always say that
HurleyGurly246: llol
GreenKake1221: what does it mean
HurleyGurly246: like a lion rararar
GreenKake1221: hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

HurleyGurly246: goose population!
HurleyGurly246: goose u goosey little feather!
HurleyGurly246: u make me laugh

GreenKake1221: have u heard the song "again i go unnoticed" by dashboard?
GreenKake1221: it really really REALLY reminds me of the last week of austins and my relationship
GreenKake1221: lol
GreenKake1221: its like exact...its scarey
GreenKake1221: and same with
GreenKake1221: my happy ending
GreenKake1221: avril lavigne
GreenKake1221: sad i know....but it does those two songs are like EXACTLY our relationship...
HurleyGurly246: yah i love it when u can totally connect with songs
GreenKake1221: it really scares me how like they perfeectly fit!
GreenKake1221: yea definately
HurleyGurly246: YYYYYYYESS
HurleyGurly246: like for me i totally connect with ice ice baby
HurleyGurly246: by vanilla ice
HurleyGurly246: wow i mean
GreenKake1221: that song is awesome
HurleyGurly246: its on a very personal level
GreenKake1221: hahahaa!!
HurleyGurly246: lol i know im jk tho i dont connect with it


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