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Songs That REALLY Relate To Me!
Pretty Peanut The Great
I have a lot of songs that really relate to me. And a LOT that relate to me and my X-bf.
Don't Tell Me ~Avril Lavigne~ This song is EXACTLY what happened with me and Austin.

My Happy Ending~Avril Lavigne~ This song is also EXACTLY what happened with me and Austin.

Im Already There~Lonestar~ This song is good if you are in a long distance relationship.

Again I Go Unnoticed~Dashboard Confessional~ Exactly what the last few weeks of Austin's and My relationship were like...

Over And Over~Nelly and Tim Mcgraw~

He Wasn't~Avril Lavigne~ This song was helping me get over Austn.

Time Of Your Life~Green Day~

Somebody's Someone~Lonestar~ This is for Ricky, cause he is a marine.


I Won't Say I'm In Love~HAHA Hercules~

Hands Down~Dashboard Confessional~

One Thing~Finger 11~

I Hate Everything About You~3 Days Grace~

Seasons~Good Charlotte~

The Ghost Of A Good Thing~Dashboard Confessional~

Hahahha this page probably makes me sound like some depressed/angry person...Well I used to, but I'm over it. hehe