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Hilarious Quotes
Pretty Peanut The Great

Hilarious Quotes that we said when Sally, Bea, Alex, and I were in Tahoe, on a ski trip, partying hard, and having a grand 'ol time. Heheheheeeeeee
I Love you guys!

"Woooooh!! A buuuuh!"
"Ahhh! That fucken hurt you bitch!"
"Ahhhh fuck me!"
"Its a mail box"
"Thats really sexy man"
"Mole!! Moley mole!"
"You see I would flick Sean, but he would go *Alex makes retarded face* and go very special"
"Im not retarded.....Im special."
Alex: "Ahhhh fuck me, I don't want to be in the car this long!"
Lisa: "Oh ok, it will get our minds off the long drive"
Bea: "Can I see that magazine"
Lisa: "Yea, wanna watch!"
"Fuck me, this thing won't get off!"
"How special"
Lisa: "You suck!"
Bea: "You swallow!"
Alex: "You chew!"
Lisa and Sal: "What the fuck?... Chew?"
Sal: "I bet you cant not say "Fuck off" for the rest of the night. (To Bea. Her fav saying is fuck off)"
"Hey asswipe, go wipe someone else....Like ur mom!"
"He is jacking off with a toothbrush!"
"He needs to stop dancing..."
"You hit my head so hard you made my eyeball hurt."
"I need somewhere to put my gum because I want to drink my milkshake, and I can't do it with my gum in my mouth"
(Sally flips the beaners off)
Lisa: "Don't flip them off, they might come butt rape u"
Sally: "They must have been staring at Bea because her boobs are sticking out and a foot of her stomach is showing."
Alex: "No, they were staring at me!"
"Fuck off"
"Holy shit, that was worse than sucking on a penis"
Sally: "Oh, no where is the napkin?"
Lisa: "Its in my butt."
"Ahhh shit.....Brain Freeze"
"Frick it"
"You uncle fucker"
"Lisa, do you wanna finish my milkshake?"
"Hold my milkshake please"
"Can you take my milkshake. Plz plz plz plz."
"My daddy has one just like that, but much prettier"
"Why won't you just let me squeeze it?"
Alex: "Bea 'shat' up, and it hit her boob on the way down..."
Lisa: "It smells like..........Beans and...and....perfume"
Sally: "Beans and perfume...quite a combination"
"Dude, you keep choking on yourself"
Lisa: "Oh, you blow it towards me...I get it!"
"Wanna go to Jack in the Box?"
"You mean...Jack in the Crack?"
"Ok...lets not say ANY bad words for the rest of the night! (1 minute later...) Shit you fucking fucked up my foot you jack ass."
Omg! I had so much fun on the ski trip. Whoever didn't go....You missed out...BIG TIME. It was sooooo much fun and very VERY entertaining.
I Love Bea, Sallywags, and Alex.

I Love Snowboarding.