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Shout Outs
Pretty Peanut The Great

My 8th grade kirby Friends:

Corinne-I love partying with you in study hall! My chachcula!
Matt- Omg you are soo aweomse...Youo hold and squeeze a little tooo long tho...Eww that sounds wrong. I meant when you hug me.
Audrie- I cant believe that son of a bitch who took that pic of River! We are gonna hunt that motherfucker down and kill him!
Alex B- Damn you are smart! Thank you for being so understanding and listening to me complain when I am sad! I love ya man!
Lizzie- Dirt bike riding! Yay.
Paulina- You are the sweetest girl and you are gorgeous!
Zach- You are very smart, funny and sooo completely entertaining.
Sarah- Rock climbing! You rock girl!
Bonnie- Omg you have such an amazing talent, you will get so far in your career either singing or acting.
Sally- I love you sooo much!!!!!! You are soo awesome!
Aaron- Holy shit you are smart!
Rachel- You are awesome. You are very nice and very smart.
Alex K-We are awesome snowboard buddies! Thank u for pushing me to go off those jumps! I had sooo much fun with u in tahoe.  "Woooo....A buuuh"
Jessica- Walken Talken Dictionary! Hehe You are soo sweet. I love you Jessica! I can tell you anything! Thank you for always being there for me.
Tianna- You are sweet!
Negine- I love you! You are soo awesome! SOCCER!
Eli- "Popeye the sailor man *toot toot*"
Lily- You are such a ragin lesbian!
Mitchell- Flex mitchell FLEX! Speedo! You are awesome, and very understanding when I need to talk to someone about something personal.
Zach S- You are so shy and so sweet! You give awesome hugs!
Adam- We need a MOOSE!
Maro- Live free, die captured.
Anthony- "Yes, hes so sexy, I wan't to bang him up the butt" "Stop dropping the F bombs!" PD!
Micah- You are SO smart also.
Sean- Stop staring.
Karen- You are nice, even though you can be different around your friends.

I love Kirby. I hope I can go to kirby next year!!